2021 School Dates

Wednesday 13th January 2021                       Office re-opens (9am-2pm)

Wednesday 27th January 2021                       Staff resume


Term 1

Monday 1st February 2021                             School resumes (Prep to G6)

Tuesday 2nd February 2021                            Kinder T resumes

Wednesday 3rd February 2021                       Kinder M resumes

Thursday 1st April 2021                                   Last Day of Term 1


Term 2

Monday 26th April 2021                                  First Day of Term 2 (Staff and students)

Friday 2nd July 2021                                        Last Day of Term 2


Term 3

Monday 19th July 2021                                   First Day of Term 3 (Staff and students)

Friday 24th September 2021                           Last Day of Term 3


Term 4

Monday 11th October 2021                            Staff Spirituality Day (Staff only)

Tuesday 12th October 2021                            First Day of Term 4

Wednesday 15th December 2021                   Last Day of Term 4 (Students)

Thursday 16th December 2021                       Last Day of Term 4 (Staff)