Positive School Behaviour (PBS)

St Thomas More's Catholic School is a Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) school. The primary objective is to teach students the right behaviours. We work on a 6:1 positive / negative comment ratio and all consequences serve as a way for students to reflect on their behaviours and have strategies to improve their behaviour.

Positive Behaviour

As a whole school we acknowledge students for correct behaviour. On the playground this is done through our whole school student acknowledgment system and in classrooms staff have the opportunity to use a variety of strategies to acknowledge correct behaviour, these could include praise, stickers and awards.

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Student Acknowledgement System

Staff give students STM stickers if they see the student modelling the correct behaviour. Every student has a sticker book in their classroom where they store the stickers. When a student reaches 25 stickers they inform the office and a postcard is sent home acknowledging their behaviour. If a class collects a total number of stickers then the class receives an activity to acknowledge their efforts. Activities are decided collaboratively between the teacher and students. 

Negative Behaviour

Behaviour as with anything we do at school must be taught and students who display negative behaviours need to be taught the correct behaviours rather than just punishing them. Our team use multiple strategies to teach and model appropriate behaviours and where possible negative consequence are an act of restoration and learning for the child.